This product, popular since since the last thirty years, was introduced in Canada in 2007. Since then, its sale was gone up tremendously without any complaint.

I recommended Fresh Hair Tonic to my clients who were losing hair. After using for 4 weeks, their hair have stopped falling and are now thick, shiny and look healthy. It is an herbal tonic with no side effects. All my clients who have used Fresh Hair Tonic are very happy after seeing the results.

resh Hair Tonic is an herbal product that has helped my clients regain confidence in the way their hair looked. After using it, their hair stopped falling, look moisturized and became thick and shiny. I recommend massaging hair twice a week with Fresh Hair Tonic to maintain the beauty of their hair.

Very often clients walk into my salon asking for help for their hair. Pollution and other environmental factors make their hair fall. For me, the answer to all their hair problems is very easy, regular use of Fresh Hair Tonic. This tonic not only makes the hair grow but also moisturizes them and makes them strong, shiny and beautiful.

I was losing hair, and one day found Fresh Hair Tonic, just used it unknowingly after two weeks I realized that bunch of hair which I use to see in my brush are no more there. I am a regular user and I strongly recommend it to my clients.

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